San Diego company Triton Team takes corporate training to new level using Navy SEAL methods

Triton Team made up of former Navy SEALs

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego company's unique methods are helping teach other companies about teamwork and stress management.

What looks like an Afghani village might as well be Wes Inskeep's office.

The lot of strategic operations -- located in the heart of San Diego -- is just one location where Inskeep and other former Navy SEALs from Triton Team do their corporate training.

"A lot of the wheels-falling-off moments, the times when things don't work properly, are almost directly a lack of communication and planning," said Inskeep.

Communication and planning are as important in the boardroom as they are on the battlefield. That's exactly what these elite group of SEALs teach in the classroom through leadership, on the beach with teamwork or in the field with stress management in the face of adversity.

"You can't plan on what happens right. You have to plan on when it's wrong because it's almost certain to be," said Inskeep.

So, does it work and, more importantly, is it fun?

David Marino, vice president of Hughes Marino, told 10News, "It was a blast. It was one of those never-forget experiences."

Marino has used Triton to entertain clients several times. He calls it bonding while running on the beach with rafts or a game of paintball with the elite Navy SEALs. It's all teambuilding and discipline.

"It really resonates with what we're going through, running the companies that we have. The kind of attitude we have to have, the kind of example we have to lead in doing the business we do," Marino said.

Now, after the death of al-Qaida founder Osama Bin Laden and movies about the successful raid by Navy SEALs, Triton's business is booming.

"How much has that benefited Triton?" asked 10News anchor Steve Atkinson.

"It's a direct correlation … Right now, everybody wants to work with SEALs. That's the good side; the bad side is everybody wants to work with SEALs," Inskeep said.

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