San Diego City Councilwoman Marti Emerald under fire: Recall effort now targeted at her

SAN DIEGO - San Diego City Councilwoman Marti Emerald is under fire for her opinions on embattled Mayor Bob Filner and some San Diegans are using social media to launch a recall effort against her.

Emerald just returned from a three-week government leadership training and tells 10News she is shocked and saddened over what is happening in San Diego.

The "Recall Marti Emerald" Facebook page was created two days ago and already has several dozen likes.

According to the page, the reason for her recall is for supporting Filner's sexual indiscretions and not representing her constituents.

"I understand," Emerald told 10News. "I understand the anger and you know, there are people who need to get it out … If you have to do it by heaping it on me, so be it."

On Tuesday at City Hall downtown, Emerald voted with the rest of her colleagues to file a cross complaint against the mayor to protect taxpayers and to limit the city's liability.

Still, she has not called on Filner to resign.

"I feel pain for the women who've been harmed. I am pained by the impact on the city I love," Emerald told 10News. "I feel badly for Bob. That a fatal flaw is what will be remembered for a man who had a stand-up career as a public servant."

But at Tuesday's meeting, she was not so quickly forgiven by all.

"Ms. Emerald, I'm shocked," said San Diego resident Julie Adams from the podium."You called Bob Filner courageous for stepping forward. There's nothing courageous about a sexual batterer. Nothing."

Adams verbally lashed out at Councilwomen Myrtle Cole and Emerald.

"There (are) many women who were wronged. And you have not stepped forward. Yes, you came forward today, but you didn't say much. You didn't say he needs to go. You said he needs to go into time out. We put 2-year-olds into time out."

Emerald responded to 10News about that woman's input.

"What I said was while he's taking his time out, please search his own heart and do what's right," Emerald told 10News. "He's the one who's decided to take a time out … two weeks of intense therapy and I have no doubt that he needs that."

She added, "I have put myself in a position as a community leader and it's OK. Say what you want to say to me, get it out of your system, then let's all work together to heal the city."

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