San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria asks for Mayor Bob Filner resignation

Gloria says Filner's apology 'not enough'

SAN DIEGO - San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria Friday afternoon said he believes Mayor Bob Filner should step down amid the sexual harassment allegations that have come to light.

Gloria released the following statement:
"Yesterday, Mayor Filner admitted that he has harassed and intimidated women under his authority. While I believe coming forward and admitting to this unacceptable behavior is the right thing to do, I do not believe he can effectively continue as mayor of San Diego after these admissions. As a San Diegan, I am asking Mayor Filner to resign.

I don't currently know the full extent or impact of his behavior, but I do know this: The people of San Diego, and especially those women he has mistreated, need to be assured that we as a City will not tolerate intimidation and harassment. An apology is not enough. In recognition of the gravity of the situation he created, and for the good of the City he pledged to serve, Mayor Filner should step down.

The Mayor and I have had significant disagreements on a wide variety of policy issues. My request for the Mayor's resignation is not based on any of those differences. The severity of these allegations, and the legal and financial risk they pose to the City and the taxpayers, cannot be ignored or understated. Our City government cannot maintain the full faith and trust of the people of San Diego if Mayor Filner continues to serve in this office.

Finally, as the Council President, I know how difficult it will be to accomplish the critical business of the City if the Mayor does not step down. We must quickly restore trust in San Diego and its leaders. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the City Council to lead San Diego through this difficult time."

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