San Diego City Council District 4 candidate may break law to fix streets

Paradise Hills group won't wait for city crews

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego City Council candidate for District 4 is willing to break the law to make a point about road conditions.

Sandy Spackman will lead a "pothole patrol" Wednesday in Paradise Hills. She and about a dozen other volunteers will fill potholes using nothing but shovels and dirt from the side of the road.

"We have been waiting and that's important. Lots of people have been waiting and complaining," Spackman told 10News.

However, there's only one problem.

"It is completely illegal," said city of San Diego spokesman Bill Harris. "It's a liability issue and a safety issue. What happens if one of the volunteers gets hurt?"

Harris said road improvements require safety measures, road closures and permits. Spackman's "pothole patrol" has none of those.

10News cameras were rolling when she walked in behind an MTS bus to fill one pothole on Tuesday.

"Until someone tells us that it's illegal, then we're just going to keep filling it up," she said.

Paradise Hills residents told 10News they feel forgotten in the southeastern San Diego community.

"I think I knocked my front end out of alignment already," Thomas Vigil said about Paradise Valley Road.

Harris told 10News the volunteers would be better served by identifying the potholes and reporting them to the city, either by phone or online. The pothole report would receive a number and residents can check on the progress.

Harris said simply adding dirt to a pothole will not solve the problem, even in the short-term.

Fellow District 4 candidate Barry Pollard told 10News the "pothole patrol" was just a publicity stunt.

"Potholes are a major issue, but we need a lot of things fixed in District 4," Pollard said.

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