City Council committee approves proposal for high-tech water meters

Meters to enhance accuracy of commercial readings

SAN DIEGO - A proposal to have the city of San Diego install high-tech water meters, which would allow for easier and more accurate readings at commercial properties, was given a green light Wednesday by the City Council's Natural Resources and Culture Committee.

According to a staff report, the new meters would help customers manage their usage, like those used by utility companies. Data recorded by the equipment could also alert customers and the city's Water Department to leaks or tampering.

The $5.1 million project would cover all 10,000 commercial water meters and 900 residential customers, and could be expanded at a later time, according to city staff. The city's water system currently includes around 275,000 meters.

If approved by the full City Council at a future meeting, the project would get under way in 2014, committee Chairman David Alvarez said.

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