San Diego City Council candidate says editorial attacked his openly gay lifestyle

Writer of editorial stands by article

SAN DIEGO - A candidate running for the city of San Diego's 4th District City Council seat is up in arms over a local editorial.

Dwayne Crenshaw is one of nine candidates running for the seat, and the election is next Tuesday.

He said he was shocked and appalled when he read an editorial in the Voice & Viewpoint newspaper that stated Crenshaw "sounds like a great candidate," but felt that because he is gay he may be the wrong person for the job.

Voice & Viewpoint publisher Dr. John Warren's editorial gives his opinion of each of the nine candidates running for the council seat, as well as why they may or may not be the right person for the job.

Warren would not endorse Crenshaw, stating, in part, "[Dwayne's] openly gay lifestyle is at odds with a great deal of the District's African American residents …"

"I'm disappointed that this editorial perpetuates a stereotype that's not true -- that African-Americans are somehow less tolerant, less accepting, less committed to civil rights … that's just false and wrong," Crenshaw said.

Warren's editorial goes on to state, "[Dwayne's] positions of leadership and advocacy in the Gay community does not lend itself to the building of the kinds of coalitions … that the Fourth District has enjoyed in the past and needs ..."

Crenshaw told 10News, "I've lived here all my life; we don't hold those ignorant ideas and those backwards thoughts, so I just don't think that's true and I think it's disappointing that this editorial would continue to suggest that."

"I am an ordained minister of the gospel. I do not endorse a gay lifestyle, but yet I respect people who make that choice," Warren told 10News.

Democratic Party Chair Francine Busby issued a scathing statement in response to the editorial, stating, "The anti-gay remarks in this week's editorial by 'Voice & Viewpoint' publisher John Warren have no place in our society or our politics … the homophobia in Mr. Warren's article is a disgrace to his publication and a disservice to his community."

"The editorial was really clear. It says his openly confessed gay lifestyle is at odds with a great deal of the district -- African-American residents … I didn't say with everyone. I said with a great deal of people," Warren said.

"The idea that a gay person can't be elected from this community is false and it's not true. and I think on Tuesday I believe the fair-minded voters of District Four will make a clear statement that's not who they are," said Crenshaw.

Crenshaw told 10News his father is a Baptist pastor, and he, like some other religious leaders, accept and endorse him.

When asked if he wishes he did not write the editorial, Warren said, "No, I don't wish I hadn't written it. I wrote what I meant, I meant what I wrote; I stand by what I wrote."

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