San Diego City Council adopts Bicycle Master Plan

Plan seeks to expand safety, existing bike network

SAN DIEGO - The City Council on Monday unanimously adopted a Bicycle Master Plan that envisions the creation of a citywide bike network in San Diego over the next 20 years.

The plan, developed over the last five years, seeks to expand the existing bikeways network, define high-priority projects, encourage bicycling as a transportation mode, increase funding sources and improve safety for commuter and recreational cyclists.

According to city documents, the goals are to make cycling a viable travel choice, particularly for trips of less than five miles; create a safe and comprehensive local and regional bikeway network; and improve environmental quality, public health, recreation and mobility benefits through increased cycling.

City officials also want to increase public education and outreach program, and increase the number of bike-to-transit trips people make.

"This is an extremely well-researched and impressive plan," Councilman Mark Kersey said.

Mayoral candidates David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer both spoke out in favor of the plan.

Currently, the city has about 72 miles of off-street paved bike paths, 309 miles of bike lanes and 113 miles of bike routes. Another 16 miles of freeway shoulders are open to bicyclists.

The Master Plan recommends an additional 595 miles of bicycle travel areas. The city has also been redesigning bike lanes over the past year to enhance safety.

"We want to get more people riding as a mainstream form of transportation," said Andy Hanshaw, executive director of the San Diego Bicycle Coalition. "Bicycling can transform our city and our communities, but we need we need safer routes to encourage more people to ride to their jobs, to their local neighborhood business districts and for everyday travel."

City staff will come back in about one month with plans to create an advisory committee that will prioritize projects and make other recommendations.

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