San Diego City College student claims professor attacked her because of a chair

SAN DIEGO - A disabled San Diego City College student said she got the shock of her life outside a classroom -- a professor on the attack.

For Jacqueline Sue Dixon, the surprise came during an uneventful August day in math class at City College, after all the chairs were taken.

Dixon, disabled due to rotator cuff and back injuries, went to get a chair from a nearby computer lab with three people inside.

Dixons told 10News the person in charge of the room wasn't there, so she announced she would take the chair and return it after class.

As she rolled the chair in the hallway, something unexpected happened.

"My arm is pulled from behind and a man shoves me three times very hard," said Dixon.

Dixon claimed it was one of the men in the lab -- a math professor -- who attacked her. Because he hasn't been charged with a crime, his identity is not being revealed.

"I said, 'Get your hands off of me,' and then he said, 'Somebody call the police,'" said Dixon.

Campus police arrived, but Dixon said she was afraid to file charges because the professor claimed she had slapped him three times, meaning she could also be arrested.

10News reporter Michael Chen asked, "Did you slap him three times?

"No, I did not slap him. In fact, I backed away from him," said Dixon.

Dixon said a witness later came forward to back her story.

Dixon said she submitted a grievance to the school and then met with the school's Dean of Student Affairs.

She said she was told the professor would be disciplined, but five months later, she still sees him on a daily basis and is upset he hasn't been suspended.

"I get this terrified feeling with a lot of anxiety," said Dixon, who is contemplating legal action against the professor and City College.

"You're in a leadership position here and I'm a student. You don't have a right to hit me. You don't have a right to lay your hands on me," said Dixon.

Dixon said she wants an apology from the professor.

10News reached out to the professor, but didn't get a response.

In a statement, a City College spokesperson said:

"San Diego City College and the San Diego Community College District take seriously any claim of improper conduct by our students, faculty, and staff.  Shortly after the professor brought this incident to the attention of the Dean responsible for student discipline, it was reviewed and determined there was insufficient corroborating information to take further action. Regardless, if new information is presented, it will be carefully reviewed and acted upon in accordance with District policy."

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