San Diego 'Cats' House' sold

Owners moving to Virginia

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego home known as "The Cats' House" has received international recognition, but 10News learned the house has been sold.

The Bay Park home has been featured on several TV shows around the world because of its cat-friendly interior.

The house has a homemade staircase for little paw, custom-made cut-outs that lead to hiding places and 140 feet of catwalks throughout.

All of it created by Bob Walker.

"The cats loved going down them, but they couldn't get any traction so they would go scratch, scratch and slide. So we installed carpeting so that way they could go up and down," Walker said.

However, Walker put the house on the market and it sold in one day.

"San Diego is a hot real estate market. The house sold to the very first visitor. He purchased it and it closed in 28 days in escrow," said Walker.

Walker and his wife, Frances Mooney, are now packing and getting ready to move to Virginia. They have moved out of the 1,300-square-foot house and into a motor home for their cross-country trip. One dog and eight cats will also be making the journey.

Each of the cats has found a special spot in their new home -- not quite as elegant as their last digs, but cozy enough for the trip out east.

"It's 3,000 miles, approximately, where we're going. I'm told this could get up to 12 miles to the gallon on the open road," Walker said.

Walker and Mooney, told 10News the new owner plans to keep the home just the way it is.

Walker and Mooney have released several books about the home, and more than 50 film crews from around the world have been inside to tell their story.

The couple plan to hit the road at the end of the month.

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