San Diego cash giveaway continues

There was a double drop two miles apart Friday

SAN DIEGO - A few clever San Diegans made off with a little extra cash Friday.

"I got a hundred bucks, man," said Martin Vargas of Mission Bay.

He and a friend, Audra Skalada, found $100 stuffed in a white envelope in Mission Bay Park.

"He jumped up and saw it and then he said, 'I got it!'" said Skalada.

Vargas tells 10News he and another man raced for the soda machine.

"And I went over, oh, I found it! Yeah, I got it!" said Vargas.

The other man then took off.

"That's 'cause I got the money," said Vargas.

It is the most found in an envelope in San Diego left out by Twitter user @sdcashstash.

"Yeah, it says, 'You found it. Please tweet the pic, sdcashstash,'" said Skalada.

That is exactly what they did as dozens of people kept driving by, still looking for the cash.

There was a surprise turn of events when another tweet went out just a few minutes later.

The new tweet revealed there was a second drop. Just two miles away, the mad dash was on for a second drop this time at the San Diego Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club.

Geoffrey Perkins of Ocean Beach saw the Twitter photo after just missing the first drop.

"I saw the post for the sign and I thought wait, I know where that's at. It's right around the corner so I just drove over here, pulled up and it was taped to the back of the sign," he said

Perkins found $55 in cash.

Photos of all the winners were placed on sdcashstash's Facebook page.

"This is awesome," said Perkins. "This is a great thing for people to be doing for the community and for just random people."

But the Scripps Ranch man behind the drops remains a mystery.

He is a copycat philanthropist following the lead of the mystery millionaire who started in San Francisco.

The local philanthropist tells 10News he would like to remain anonymous.

A statement to 10News reads in part, "I know during some times in my life when I was short of money and worried about covering basic costs $40-$100 meant A LOT to me... now $100 doesn't hurt me to give it but it sure feels good to do it."

It all comes with the message to "pay it forward."

"I live in OB and I know a couple of the homeless kids so I'll probably get them some food and help them out," said Perkins.

Vargas and Skalada plan to pay rent and pay it forward as well.

"We'd love to spread the wealth as well because you honestly don't really need that much money to live happily," said Vargas.

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