San Diego business introduces pedal-powered party boat to Mission Bay

Cycle Cruisin allows patrons to drink on the Bay

SAN DIEGO - San Diego's Mission Bay seems to be a hotbed for new water toys.

The guys who brought you Hot Tub Cruisin, a hot tub on a pontoon boat, introduced Cycle Cruisin three weeks ago.

Cycle Cruisin allows 10 friends to power the boat by pedaling on bicycle seats surrounding a bar. It's the same concept as the pedal cars now seen in downtown San Diego and Pacific Beach.

San Diego is only the fourth city to get one, and it's housed at the Mission Bay Sports Center alongside dozens of other water sports and attractions.

Besides being a boat, the major difference between Cycle Cruisin and its wheeled counterpart: "You gotta exercise to earn your beer," said co-owner Taylor Rhodes, of Rhodes on Water.

The only caveat is the boat has to be piloted by a certified U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain. Additionally, the captain is not allowed to drink.

"We already had the Hot Tub boat and figured this would be the next step," said Rhodes.

Rhodes said San Diego is the perfect spot, adding, "You get 365 days a year of just beautiful weather."

Rhodes said both boats already have reservations months in advance.

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