San Diego attorney says female fugitive hunters went too far

Lipstick Bail Bonds may face lawsuit over capture

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego attorney said an attempted capture of a fugitive by bail bond agents that was caught on camera went too far.

In the video, one woman says, "Today's fugitive is Daniel Duvall."

The women in the video are from Lipstick Bail Bonds, a statewide company with an office in San Diego and an online TV show.

They explained Duvall is in trouble for drugs and armed assault, and they've been hired by a bail bondsman to revoke bail for several reasons, including supplying false information.

In the video, one woman says they tricked Duvall by using an intermediary to ask for a meeting to clear up a paperwork snafu. The meeting ended happening at an Arby's restaurant in Huntington Beach.

Once they arrive, a woman rushes in. She yells, "Stand up!" and grabs at Duvall. She's heard saying something about a bail being revoked.

Moments later, two women armed with some sort of gun enter the Arby's, but Duvall runs away

Outside, he's grabbed again and gets away, before the women start shooting rubber pellets.

He gets away, but said he's lost vision in one eye.

Duvall hired local attorney Dan Gilleon, who plans a lawsuit.

"The first person to touch him did nothing to identify herself as a bail bondswoman," said Gilleon.

Gilleon said the Lipstick agents created a confusing and dangerous situation for Duvall and the public.

"They are trying to create their own little empire of being the next 'Dog the Bounty Hunter.' The problem is they are placing people at risk," said Gilleon.

Team 10 took the Lipstick Bail Bonds video to well-known San Diego bail bond company Bad Boy Bail Bonds to find out if the scenario was typical.

"My reaction is it was completely unprofessional. Ninety-nine percent of the bail bonds companies out there would never work like this," said Alyssa Wolven of Bad Boys Bail Bonds.

Wolven said this incident shouldn't have taken place in a restaurant, and the women should have identified themselves.

The head of Lipstick Bail Bonds told 10News the women did identify themselves and they didn't believe the public was in danger.

"We are 100 percent mindful of public safety; that's why we keep non-lethal weapons. We are always looking at our surroundings. We keep bad guys off the streets and put them back in jail," said Teresa Golt, co-owner of Lipstick Bail Bonds.

Lipstick Bail Bonds says they had asked Duvall to come in, but he didn't agree to it, so they used a ruse to get him to the Arby's location.

Duvall said a friend reneged on paying part of his bond, leading to the revocation, but has hired another bail bondsman to cover the money.

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