San Diego assemblywoman taking homeowners associations to task over landscaping rules

Gonzalez argues HOAs should change their rules

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A San Diego assemblywoman is taking on California's homeowners associations.

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez introduced a bill Thursday that would prevent HOAs from forbidding residents from replacing their water-chugging green grass.

Several HOAs, like in 4S Ranch in San Diego's North County, require homeowners to maintain grass and landscaping in their yards.

"We were hearing basically horror stories from people who live in HOAs," said Gonzalez, who added about 35 percent of the state's water is used on landscaping.

Her bill, if passed, would allow any homeowner to replace grass with artificial grass or drought-tolerant California native plants.

Gonzalez said Californians need to focus on saving water for the important parts of life.

"We are still going to have to eat," she said. "We still need agriculture. We still have to live. We have to drink water."

Bills like this have been proposed before but never passed.

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