San Diegans push to build city's first bike park

SAN DIEGO - Some say bike trails at San Diego's popular Mission Trails Regional Park have become too dangerous – even for the pros. 

Several San Diegans are pushing the city to start fresh – to build a world class bike park especially since the Mission Trails Master Plan is being updated. 

Mission Trails is popular among bicyclists. On any given weekend, you will find 500 or more out there.

The turnout at a recent "Explore Mission Trails Day" shows just how popular the place is among families.

Search "biking Mission Trails" on YouTube and thousands of videos can be found.  

Phil Moses, an Allied Gardens resident and longtime user of Mission Trails, told 10News, "1.1 million people in San Diego … nine out of 10 have a bike in their garage."

Moses wants the city to do something about a loop built 10 years ago specifically for expert BMX bikers.

"This isn't a place that's a family-friendly riding place," Moses said.

"These things are nuts. I wouldn't even go over these things," said Kevin Loomis, referring to the hills along the BMX loop.

Loomis would never let his kids, aged 7 and 10, bike there.

"It's just not safe," he said. It is so unsafe it is no longer being used even by the pros.

Loomis has joined Moses and other volunteers to convince the city to start fresh to rebuild the current two-acre BMX loop – with the help of experts this time – but to also build a world class bike park around the loop from two to 13 acres for all levels of bikers.

The effort is gaining momentum.

"Within three weeks of putting a petition on, we've had 750 or so signatures ... and hundreds of comments from people in San Diego but also from across the country," said Ben Stone, a volunteer helping in the effort. 

A committee that oversees Mission Trails will vote on accepting developers' funds from Grantville to pay for the project. Then, a city task force will review the idea before the City Council.

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