San Diegans among those caught in Big Bear traffic chaos


As authorities closed in on homicide suspect Christopher Dorner on Tuesday evening, several San Diegans were among those caught in the chaos near Big Bear that caused miles of traffic for hours.

Getting in and out of the mountain area was almost impossible.

San Diegan Jessica Hernandez was among those stuck in traffic. She sent 10News several pictures of her experience trying to leave the mountain.

"There was semi with a Humvee and a quad on it and we also actually passed two LA SWAT," she said.

Hernandez said when law enforcement shut down the roads, drivers turned their cars off, got out of their cars and hung out on the guardrail. Then, things became heated between drivers.

"People are getting out of their cars and yelling at each other for cutting lines," she said. "It's a two-lane merged into one lane and people were being nice and staying in one lane. Now, someone decided to break the rules and they're fighting about it."

Former 10News investigative reporter Lauren Reynolds was also in Big Bear on Tuesday. She said a family friend heard something disturbing.

"The daughter heard gunshots while they were on the mountain skiing and a couple people with us reported they heard gunshots too," said Reynolds.

For some, skiing took a back seat to the Dorner drama.

"People working at the restaurant were following the story very closely… people who are sitting down were watching the TVs very closely, keeping an eye on what's going on," said Reynolds. 


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