San Diegan seeks couples for dating app

Sprtizr wants couples to be matchmakers

SAN DIEGO -- A San Diegan is asking men and women in relationships to sign up for a dating app, but it's not what you might think.

Like many people, Manshu Agarwal is looking for love. Unfortunately, online dating hasn't really been working out for him.

"You're made to endlessly wait, people don't show up, sometimes I've had stalkers almost," Agarwal said.

Recently single, the 41-year-old got discouraged.

"You're swiping all the time, you're messaging and it's exhausting," he said.

Now, he's taking his search for a new girlfriend into his own hands.

The North Park resident just launched his own dating app called Spritzr. The idea is for people already in relationships to download the app and suggest matches for their friends, making it less of a guessing game.

"The awkwardness behind the offline way of introducing people is removed. There's no fallback," he said.

Spritzr's motto is "creating love in the world through friends." The big question moving forward is how many of those friends are going to download the app and do their own matchmaking?

Jean Twenge, a San Diego State University professor who authored the book "Generation Me," said Spritzr may find a niche with young professionals who want relationships.

"If you're looking for something that might last a little bit longer, an app like this, which might be based on somebody your friends think is good for you, so maybe that's a good character recommendation, might be a better source," she said.

Agarwal said about 1,200 people are on Spritzr, but he has yet to land any dates on the app.

"I've got several matches," he said. "I've been in a relationship [until] recently, so it's probably too early to be going out just yet," he said.

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