San Diegan among 9 activists arrested in protest at Procter & Gamble headquarters in Cincinnati

SAN DIEGO - Nine activists arrested in an eye-catching protest at Procter & Gamble Co. headquarters in Cincinnati have posted bond and been released from custody.

One of those arrested is San Diegan and one-time Marine 26-year-old Tyler Wilkerson.

10News spoke with Matthew McGinnis, a friend of Wilkerson's and also his boss at San Diego's Greenpeace office.

"I felt scared for them, you know, but just really excited that's there's people out there who are willing to take action to take that stand," said McGinnis.

The group was protesting the consumer products company's use of palm oil from a supplier Greenpeace says is tied to tropical forest destruction in Indonesia. The activists used a zip line to unfurl giant banners Tuesday from P&G's two towers, while a helicopter filmed them.

P&G says it's committed to achieving a 100 percent sustainable supply of palm oil by 2015. Palm oil is commonly used in shampoo, cosmetics and other products.

Authorities in Cincinnati saw the protest as a major security breach. Investigators think the protesters entered on foot, perhaps dressed in business attire but it is unclear how they got bags of rappelling gear passed P&G's security.

The nine face burglary and vandalism charges in what an Ohio municipal court judge called "a reckless and ill-advised stunt." The Cincinnati Enquirer reports the judge set bond Wednesday at $50,000 each.

For Wilkerson, his problems with the law will likely mean big praise at work.

"I'll give him a big hug, just give him a big hug … tell him I think he's awesome," said McGinnis.

WCPO, 10News' sister station in Cincinnati, is reporting that the early investigation at P&G shows the protesters likely had help and the helicopter may have even dropped the equipment off.

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