Samantha Stewart, Kayla Kahn look to bring awareness to sex trafficking

Women plan walk to raise awareness

SAN DIEGO - Sexually abused at a young age, Kayla Kahn and Samantha Stewart are attempting to shine a light on what both say is a dark secret.

"People in the community don't think it's happening, but it is," said Stewart, who along with her partner Kahn is shooting and producing a documentary called "The Cradle Rob-Her Project."

"I was raped when I was a senior in high school", Kahn said.

For Stewart, it was closer to home. In fact, it was in her home.

"It happened in my family; it started at age four to 14," she said.

Originally, both women were attempting to bring equality to the male-dominated sport of motocross. However, they decided to take their passion and experiences in a different direction.

"We're going from something that seemed a little selfish to something we think needs to have more awareness," Stewart said.

The pair are producing the documentary on their own and hope to bring awareness to it and the subject with a six-day, 135-mile walk from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Stewart said, "If we walk six days with an average of 23 miles a day, you're bound to see us on at least one of those days."

Using social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, both plan to start their walk November 27 from Belmont Park.

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