Salvation Army ringer sets 105-hour ring record

Marcelino Butch Soriano raised $2,700 for charity

COLTON, Calif. - A San Diego man has gotten a jump on ringing in the New Year after he spent a record 105 hours ringing a Salvation Army kettle bell.

Salvation Army Maj. Marcelino "Butch" Soriano's reward is an estimated $2,700 that he raised for charity.

He also gets to share a Salvation Army record with fellow bell-ringers James Brickson of Albert Lea, Minn., and Andre Thompson of Tyler, Texas, who matched his effort hour-for-hour.

Soriano told a San Diego newspaper that he was a little tired after putting down his bell in front of a Colton Wal-Mart on Saturday evening.

He had originally planned to go until midnight, but agreed with the others to stop at 6 p.m. so they could share the record.

The old mark, 80 hours, was set last year.

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