Sailor from Santee burned at homecoming party dies

Pasquale Troisi leaves behind fiancee, two kids

SAN DIEGO - A U.S. Navy sailor from Santee died Monday after he was severely burned in an accident at his homecoming party last month.

On Feb. 22, Petty Officer 2nd Class Pasquale Troisi, 31, was in Philadelphia for a welcome-home party after finishing a tour in Afghanistan.

10News' sister station in Philadelphia, WPVI, spoke to Triosi's grandfather, 93-year-old Joe Desch, who also served in the Navy. He seemed overwhelmed with pride, but right after the accident, there was a raw sense of sadness.

"It's just horrible, and this kid was so happy to be home," Desch said. "He wasn't deployed anywhere … it wasn't Iraq or Afghanistan; he was home."

Home proved most dangerous, despite multiple tours overseas and at least 10 years in the Navy, even serving as a Navy SEAL.

Triosi's homecoming turned to heartbreak when someone poured gasoline in a chiminea and it erupted in flames. His family said 75 percent of his body burned. His best friend tried to fight off the flames with his bare hands and was burned as well.

10News learned Triosi spent the last three weeks in a medically induced coma, but died Monday.

The Navy's Chief of Chaplains said on Facebook:

"Our chaplain and RP community is deeply saddened by the loss of one of our shipmates, RP2 Pasquale Troisi. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Troisi family during this difficult time. May God bring them comfort and strength."

10News learned Triosi lived in Santee with his fiancee and two kids.

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