Sacramento mom accused of 'fat-shaming' women on viral Facebook post

SAN DIEGO - A Sacramento mother of three is being accused of 'fat-shaming' women on a Facebook post.

Fitness guru Maria Kang posted a photo of herself and her three kids on Facebook about a year ago.The photo shows off her fit body taken eight months after she had her third baby. The caption reads, "What's your excuse?"

While many of the comments on the post were positive, Kang was also criticized. Some called her a bully, accused her of fat-shaming other women and urged her to apologize for hurting others.

But Kang is fighting back saying that the overall message of the photo is all about being healthy because you love your child.

"I never called you fat, I never said that you were a bad mother, I never said what's your excuse for not looking like me, I never said anything like that," Kang told ABC station KXTV. " I just came out and said you need to own the thoughts you put in your own head because I didn't put it there you did."

A re-post of the photo on Facebook now has more than 20,000 comments. Kang calls the more recent post a "non-apology."




Kang also told KXTV that she wanted to help other women achieve balance in their lives. She said she's had her own struggles in the past, including battling with bulimia. Today, Kang is married to a former marine, but calls herself the drill sergeant of the household.

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