Rugged, remote area making search for missing teen Hannah Anderson tough

Hannah Anderson seen with James DiMaggio in Idaho

SAN DIEGO - It's a beautiful area known for its sparkling waterways and scenic mountains, but now a wilderness area near Boise, Idaho, is the center of a criminal investigation.

The search for missing Lakeside teenager Hannah Anderson and her suspected abductor, James DiMaggio, shifted to Idaho Friday morning.

A car matching the description of the car believed to be driven by DiMaggio was found Friday morning in a very remote, mountainous area of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Valley County.

While beautiful, Andrea Dearden, spokeswoman for the Ada County Sheriff's Office, described the area as remote and rugged, even treacherous.

She said the area is a very hilly, rocky forest area only accessible on foot or on horseback. Dearden added the trails are not for beginners or novice hikers; they are for more experienced hikers or horseback riders.

The area is so remote that cellphone service is limited to almost non-existent, which is making communication difficult for the crews in the search, according to Dearden.

Authorities are hiking those tough trails looking for any sign of Anderson and DiMaggio. At least one helicopter is also part of the search effort, but Dearden said thick trees are complicating the aerial search.

The nearest town is Cascade, a small tourist destination of about 900 people. It's a busy area this weekend with Cascade hosting its annual fair.

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