Rocks hit cars on SR-163 in Linda Vista: 2 cars damaged but no one hurt

No arrests yet; CHP cruiser also struck by rock

SAN DIEGO - Police are searching for whoever threw rocks at several vehicles traveling on state Route 163 in Linda Vista overnight Sunday.

The California Highway Patrol reported that a minivan carrying a family home from the airport was the first vehicle hit sometime before 12:30 a.m. Monday on northbound SR-163 south of Genesee Avenue. The family inside was unhurt but they were shaken.

CHP officers told them it would be difficult to investigate.

"Problem is, we don't know who threw the rock, where it came from," an officer told family members. "It could have been thrown from another car. It could have been a kid who threw it out the window of another car."

Then, a second car was hit nearby. Moments later, a CHP cruiser was a target.

This was heard over the police scanner: "We just got hit by the rock throwers. Just got hit by a rock right now. We're driving through the area, looking for the parties."

Windows were smashed on the two civilian vehicles. The squad car was not damaged. There were no injuries.

Officers then combed the area, looking for the rock throwers and if there might be a supply of stones of that type nearby.

They found a home with decorative stones above, but no sign of whoever was launching the rocks.

Throwing rocks into traffic can be dangerous. On Feb. 29, 1988, Kurt Meyering was driving his brand new Corvette on Interstate 5 when a couple of teenagers tossed a chunk of concrete the size of a cantaloupe down onto the freeway. It crashed through the plexiglas roof and struck Meyering on the head, shattering his skull. He survived but was severely brain-damaged.

No arrests have been made in Monday's incidents. The investigation is ongoing.

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