Roberto's Taco Shop in Carmel Valley closed this weekend after car hits kitchen wall

Crash occurred in 2200 block of Carmel Valley Road

SAN DIEGO - A Roberto's Taco Shop in Carmel Valley will be closed during this weekend after a car hit the wall connected to the kitchen on Saturday morning.

The incident occurred just after 9:15 a.m. in the 2200 block of Carmel Valley Road.

Police tell 10News the driver – who is in her 30s or 40s – hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and struck the restaurant wall. Officers say she will not be cited.

According to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, the impact moved the kitchen wall 1 to 2 feet. The crash also pushed the deep fryers away from the wall.

No injuries were reported.

Firefighters concerned about a possible disruption to the gas line called out Hazmat crews to assess the situation. 

The restaurant will need to be closed for the next three or four days for the necessary repairs to take place, according to firefighters.

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