Road damage angers North Park residents

Raised pavement causing flat tires

SAN DIEGO - Residents in a North Park neighborhood are upset with a roadway issue they say appeared after city workers responded to a water main break.

"People don't realize it's there," resident Dottye Allen told 10News. "I hear the noise … boom, boom, boom … the bouncing noise. Now what would you call that kind of noise?"

The noise Allen is referring to is the sound of tires smacking into raised pavement at Florida Street and Myrtle Avenue.

There is no warning in sight for drivers.

"I don't see any. Do you?" asked Allen.

There is, however, some orange spray paint on the area.

10News cameras were there last weekend when a water main break on Cypress Avenue damaged the road. Since then, 10News has received numerous calls about multiple cars blowing out tires where the raised pavement is located.

10News contacted city officials about the problem, but they had no idea.

Allen said, "Their priorities are a bit different than taking care for things like they should. I'm not insulting the city … but I find that to be."

While drivers wait for that change in priorities, they are being urged to watch where they are driving over.

The raised pavement is three feet past the intersection of Florida Street and Myrtle Avenue.

The proximity to Morley Field to the intersection makes it a high-traffic area.

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