Rip current alert in effect for all San Diego beaches

SAN DIEGO - A rip current alert for all San Diego beaches issued by the National Weather Service over the Labor Day weekend will remain in effect until 8 p.m. Monday, a forecaster said.

"There is an enhanced risk of rip currents at all beaches, which is the result of swells from Hurricane Marie," NWS forecaster Stephen Harrison said.

Hurricane Marie, which intensified Sunday into a Category 5 hurricane, the strongest over the eastern Pacific since Hurricane Celia in 2010, has weakened to a tropical storm but continues to directly impact Mexico and the United States. As the hurricane weakens over cooler waters, large waves produced over the past few days will continue to move outward toward the coasts of both countries, NWS said.

Harrison said a slight cooling trend is in store the next couple of days. Temperatures today were in the mid-70s along the coast, low- to mid-80s in the inland valleys and mountains and in the upper 90s in the deserts.

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