Richard Tuite's sister: 'Justice has finally prevailed'

Tuite acquitted in death of Stephanie Crowe

SAN DIEGO - Richard Tuite's sister spoke to 10News following Friday's verdict that will lead to his release.

"Justice has finally prevailed; not only for Stephanie, but for Richard," said Tuite's sister, Kerri Licon. "Today is justice for Stephanie. This is justice, not only for Richard, but also for Stephanie."

"He's always claimed his innocence, and we've always known he's innocent, so that was never a doubt in our mind; his innocence, we never doubted his innocence," Licon added.

Licon said she had doubts about the legal system that accused her brother of killing 12-year-old Stephanie Crowe in 1998.

Tuite's attorney, Brad Patton, said, "I believe this whole thing was an injustice, without question. I have always believed very strongly that Richard Tuite did not commit this offense."

Patton said his client was emotional when the verdict was read in his favor, and he praised jurors for paying close attention to the facts.

"Mr. Tuite did not, could not go into that house; there was no forensic evidence of him being in that house," said Patton.

Tuite, who was homeless at the time of Crowe's death, will have a roof over his head and the medication he needs once he is released to his family.

Licon said the first thing she will do when she sees him is "hug him."

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