Good Samaritan finds man's missing ring, does not ask for reward

SAN DIEGO - A Good Samaritan has delivered an unbelievable gift to a local man -- a missing ring that was considered lost forever.

Thomas Davis contacted 10News about the discovery made two feet deep in the ocean.

On Thursday, Davis proudly showed 10News his ring, which he thought he would never wear on his finger again.

"We pretty much gave up," Davis said.

It is a tungsten and diamond ring given to him by his wife two years ago on their 10th wedding anniversary. Davis said the ring holds more meaning to him than his wedding band.

"It was really important to us," Davis added. "I've got three diamonds symbolizing the three members of our family -- my baby daughter, (and my wife); it meant so much to us."

Davis said he was at Dog Beach in Del Mar throwing a ball to his dogs when his ring slipped off his finger and landed in the water. He thought it would never again be found.

"We were looking around in the water for like two hours and we could not find it," Davis said.

He posted an ad on Craigslist, which read, in part: "Reward: Lost ring." He also added in the posting: "I am so sad I lost it."

Enter Mark Rubey, who calls himself a local ring finder.

"I answered him up, saying, 'Well, I'm willing to go look for it for you if you'd like,'" Rubey told 10News.

Rubey has been helping San Diegans recover sentimental items like Davis' ring for four decades, while wanting nothing in return.

"After I got to about two feet deep or so, I finally found his particular signal," Rubey added, referring to his waterproof metal detector.

Rubey said he waited nearly two weeks for the tide to be low enough so he could go in and look for it. He spent nearly two hours in two feet of water Monday until he found it.

Late Monday, Davis' phone rang. It was Rubey calling him to tell him he had found a ring in that area of Del Mar.

Davis drove to Rubey's home later that day to see for himself.

"He was still in denial," added Rubey. "He said, 'No way. Nobody can find that ring because they had looked for it.'"

Davis added, "I looked at it and I knew that it was it. I said, 'I can't believe you found it!' I couldn't believe it."

Davis said it was an unselfish act, one that he'll never forget.

"To me, it's just completely an altruistic act. You would really like to see more of that in the world and I think he's a really awesome person," said Davis.

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