Retired law enforcement officer criticizes San Diego police for shooting after pursuit

Driver died days after shooting

SAN DIEGO - A retired law enforcement officer described last week's San Diego police-involved shooting in Mount Hope as "chaotic" and "out of control."

10News showed video of the incident to Rex Bartholme, who said police could have shown more restraint when firing so many shots and that the 25 or so shots fired by officers put the public and other officers in danger. He called the shooting an unnecessarily violent end to an hour-long chase.

10News' media partners at San Diego 6 caught the climactic moments as officers on both sides of the street unleashed a barrage of rounds on Jose Navarro, who police said was wanted for shooting two people.

Pointing to a certain part of the video, Bartholme said, "These officers don't need to be shooting. The primary control of the shooting situation should have been the primary vehicle that was in the pursuit. Then any misfires would be directed down the street, instead of the homes or anyone on the sidewalks."

Police said the incident in Mount Hope was a very dynamic and unique case. SDPD Capt. Terry McManus told 10News when the 40-year-old suspect stopped his car, he raised his gun in the direction of officers. McManus also said his officers were confronted with a deadly threat and followed protocol.
However, Bartholme, with more than 31 years experience, said there was equal danger to the public.

"Any ricochets are going to expose the residents to ricochets, possibly ricochets to these officers here," he said.

McManus added officers are absolutely concerned with the public's safety and try as best as they can to minimize the likelihood of anyone getting hurt.

If there are any training issues that need to be addressed as a result of this case, the department will do so once the entire investigation is complete, McManus said.

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