Restaurant sustains minor water damage after fire hydrant sheared off by driver in Mission Valley

Occurred near Camino De La Reina, Mission Center

SAN DIEGO - The Hooters restaurant in Mission Valley sustained minor water damage when a nearby fire hydrant was sheared off by a driver Monday. Investigators say the driver cut the corner too close and did not see the hydrant. 

The incident occurred Monday afternoon on Camino De La Reina near Mission Center Road.

The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department predicted about 250,000 gallons of water gushed out onto the street, shooting 60 to 80 feet into the air.

Kenny Churchill manages the Hooters restaurant and says the hydrant gets hit frequently. 

"It was entertaining," he said. "One customer's car was in the line and was getting flooded so he stripped down to his underwear and moved his car so he wouldn't get wet. I bought him a beer for his trouble."

Churchill said the restaurant's roof and the outdoor patio got wet but there was no major damage. 

"We will go up on the roof just to check it out and make sure everything is OK," he said.

The fire department inspected the building and said adequate drainage at the restaurant prevented any real damage from being done. 

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