Calif. Assembly passes resolution to help Iraqi Christians: Resolution now heads to President Obama

SJR 17 demands help for Iraqis displaced by ISIS

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - State Sen. Joel Anderson applauded the passage out of the California State Assembly of SJR-17, a resolution he authored to draw attention and assistance to the plight of Iraqi Christians. It passed the state Assembly on Friday night.

The resolution will now be from Sacramento to the President of the United States and Congress. 

SJR-17 would urge President Obama to expedite visa processing for Iraq's minority groups, and lift quotas on Iraqi Christian refugees to streamline the process of accepting them into the United States.

SJR-17 also urges Congress to pass House Resolution 663 and the State Department to work with the Chaldean community in the U.S., the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Iraqi central government, and other neighboring countries to secure safe havens for Iraqi's fleeing persecution.

"Today we took another step in addressing this urgent need to protect religious minorities, including Iraqi Christians, from persecution by the Islamist State in Iraq and Syria," said Anderson.

He added, "I am proud California is now on record urging the President to recognize this humanitarian crisis.  We cannot allow the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to continue this genocide."

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