Residents say Ocean Beach intersection is dangerous

Concern over Sunset Cliffs Blvd. at Cape May Ave.

SAN DIEGO - An Ocean Beach woman says she is fed up with a stretch of road in her neighborhood known as "death row."

After a decade of dealing with what she calls dangerous traffic, Daniela Rottigni has had enough.

"I call it the death row," she told 10News. "Really, it's like people have to run for their life."

Rottigni saw a 10News story on a dangerous intersection in Imperial Beach earlier this week and called 10News.

The intersection that she and others are concerned about is Cape May Avenue at Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.

Rottigni says Sunset Cliffs Boulevard just is not safe, and speed is a huge part of the problem. 10News clocked a few cars going well over the 25 mph speed limit. Other dangers come from distracted drivers or those who do not stop for traffic signs.

Runaway cars have caused major damage to private property, including Rottigni's car, which was hit four different times.

"And to know that my car can get damaged, thousands and thousands of dollars for people not respecting or the city not even coming around and do something about it… it's a disgrace to me," she said.

OB resident Stephen Rainbolt Jr. told 10News, "I've had people go through my fence and destroy all the little trees that we see in the background."

Rogttigi warns something needs to be done before someone gets hurt. She has seen a few pedestrians have close calls.

"You literally have to run," she said. "During the day and night, at all times, you have to run....for your life, literally."

In the past few weeks, the city of San Diego put in solar speed monitors, but they do not appear to be working.10News called the city to find out why and they said they would look into it.

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