Residents in Valencia Park neighborhood say it is being terrorized by 2 pit bulls

Latest attack occurred Friday morning

SAN DIEGO - Residents in a Valencia Park neighborhood say it is being terrorized by two pit bulls.

A viewer contacted 10News on Friday afternoon after her dog was mauled that morning. Soon after, the San Diego County Department of Animal Services confirmed to 10News that the two pit bulls in question did kill a neighborhood dog in 2009.        

Since then, neighbors say several other attacks have occurred, with the latest being on the sidewalk Friday morning.

Maria McKay says the pit bulls attacked her daughter's pug Suki at about 11 a.m. Friday.

"It's very scary," McKay told 10News. "I just thought they were going to finish with her and come after me."

The attack occurred in front of Deborah Kirby's house, where she runs a daycare. It is also across the street from an elementary school.      

Kirby says her kids were almost attacked two months ago.

"On the way walking home, they were like trying to attack the kids and I had to scream and told the kids to run," she said.

Nancy Marquez, who lives a couple doors down from the pit bulls' owners, knows the dogs well.

She says she watched the dogs kill her Chihuahua a couple of years ago.

"We didn't expect that a dog would come and kill our dogs in our own backyard," said Marquez.

When asked if the people who have the dogs have ever apologized, Marquez's father, Cipriano Marquez, told 10News, "No, never."

10News went to the home of the couple who owns the pit bulls.

They did not want to answer questions, but when asked if the dogs got loose on Friday, the man who owns the pit bulls said, "They were locked up in the backyard."

Their next door neighbor, however, told 10News a very different story.

"They were standing on the corner, literally, on the corner this morning," the neighbor said.

"That's weird, because they told me inside just now that the dogs were locked up and they were never out this morning," said 10News reporter Preston Phillips.

The neighbor replied, "No, that's not true. At 11:20 this morning, I saw them when I was on my way to work.

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services says within the past three years, both pit bulls have been impounded four times after being found running loose and returned back to their owners every time.

"In this case, a dangerous dog is a dog that has attacked or bitten people and I don't think there has been any allegations of that with these dogs," said Lt. Dan De Souza, who is with the Department of Animal Services.

Yaritza Cruz, the pug's owner, said, "Something needs to be done. The owners need to be held responsible."

Residents are afraid a child will be attacked next.

The Department of Animal Services is now aware that other attacks by those two pit bulls in the neighborhood may have gone unreported. They urge residents to call them if the dogs are seen loose again.

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