Residents in Rancho Penasquitos concerned after bobcat attacks, kills pet chickens

They say bobcat is somewhere in the neighborhood

SAN DIEGO - A family in Rancho Penasquitos contacted 10News, frustrated because their calls for help ended with a bobcat on the loose in their community.

Melanie Mason says a bobcat made itself at home in her backyard. Her husband snapped photos of the bobcat to prove it.

"We were just surprised to find a bobcat in our backyard," said Mason. 

In the photos, you can see the animal clearly. What you cannot see is that the animal is surrounded by dead chickens.

Holly Kane owned those chickens for four years and never had a problem.

"It killed them here ... and then hopped over to the neighbors with six of them over there," said Kane.

She had 13 pet chickens altogether. All of them are dead.

"It was really, really hungry, so it's just somewhere else waiting to either find a way out or find more food," said Kane. 

The women called the county, and then they called the San Diego police. Police then contacted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. They told Mason nothing could be done unless the animal was sick, injured or had attacked someone.

"It's frustrating to feel like you're calling the people you're supposed to ... you're doing what you're supposed to and no one will help you," said Mason.

She tells 10News police chased the animal into the street, where it took off into another nearby yard.

"It is frustrating," said Mason. "I feel like we can't go for a walk. We can't come out in our backyard." 

10News called the Department of Fish and Wildlife in Sacramento. They say neighbors can eliminate the bobcats naturally by removing the food sources and attractants including garbage, pet food and other food sources, including chickens.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife also tells 10News that because chickens were killed, it is considered loss of property and the residents qualify for a permit to remove the animal.

Mason and her neighbors say the animal will return looking for another meal. 

"All we wanted was for it to be moved to where it's supposed to be, and in the middle of suburbia is not where it's supposed to be," she said.

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