Residents in El Cerrito frustrated over new bike lane, claim that lane now takes up 50 parking spots

SAN DIEGO - There is anger and frustration from some residents in El Cerrito near the College Area.

A 10News viewer contacted us after he says a wide bike lane has now taken up nearly 50 parking spots in front of his sprawling apartment complex.

The community sits along University Avenue between 58th and 60th streets.

For decades, the north side of University Avenue provided ample parking for residents of the Hillside Gardens Apartments, but that is not the case anymore.

"As you can see, it's just a big wide lane that's empty. They just made the bike lane," said Hillside Gardens resident Natividad Estudillo, who has lived in these apartments for two years.

He says the new bike lane is frustrating.

"It's obviously a parking problem," said Estudillo. "You used to be able to park down the street and all of a sudden like three weeks ago, they just made this bike lane and everybody got locked out of a parking spot."

He says he now has to park a five-minute walk away.

"All up the hill, up 58th Street, you either have to park all the way up the hill or you have to go and park on the other corner which is 60th Street," he added.

He says he has been forced to park partially in the red zones which has cost him more than one ticket.

"$77 dollars for each ticket," he said, adding that he has already received three parking tickets.

Estudillo says it is an expensive price to pay when free and ample parking used to be there until the bike lane was painted in.

10News contacted the city of San Diego. They tell 10News that they will look into the planning and process of adding the bike lane and get back with us on Tuesday.

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