Residents ask AT&T to work on Hillcrest eyesore

SAN DIEGO - A social media push is underway, asking AT&T to make improvement to a building in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood that has been called an eyesore for decades.

"We do not begrudge them doing business in our community at all, we're just asking them for a little help in beautifying the neighborhood." said Cecelia Moreno with the Hillcrest Business Association Thursday.

The massive 236,000 square foot building, which takes up an entire city block -- between University, Robinson 6th and 7th avenues -- is one of AT&T’s largest southern California switching facilities.

"We know that AT&T has the resources to make this building more a part of the Hillcrest community." Moreno said.

One tweet sent last week reads: "@ATT, your Hillcrest San Diego building is an eyesore, needs the exterior redone."

AT&T responded with this tweet: "thanks for the feedback, we'll see what we can do."        

Furthermore, across the street from the building sits an empty parking lot, also owned by AT&T.

In a neighborhood filled with foot traffic, this is a prime spot for visitors to park.

"This is a huge resource that the uptown community parking district would love to utilize for our customers," Moreno said.

 A spokesperson for AT&T issued this statement to 10News regarding the parking lot.

 "AT&T is not offering daily parking for safety concerns, but will continue to offer it for special events."

Regarding the building itself, AT&T said:

"AT&T is looking forward to working with the hillcrest beautification association in the future to meet the needs of the community. AT&T is exploring different possibilities such as murals and other options."

AT&T tells 10News they will also schedule weekly trash cleanups of the area, and the construction work that is being done will be completed in the coming months.

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