Resident helps police with sting that nets suspected drug users near Cathedral Catholic High School

Woman says she witnessed suspicious activity

SAN DIEGO - A police sting aided by a Carmel Valley mother's information resulted in the drug-related arrests of two boys just blocks away from Cathedral Catholic High School.

Trisha Krimisch said she and her husband were getting their children ready for school when they looked out a window at a car stopped across the street.

"We noticed there was smoke coming out of the car and then as our kids came out, we saw two suspects jump into the bushes," Krimisch said.

She said they threw something toward the wall, jumped back out and took off. She then start poking around and found a bag.

"There were several packages of medical weed and also some pipes in there," Krimisch told 10News.

She called police and a detective set up surveillance in her driveway.

Shortly after noon, a car returned.

"The one got out to look, couldn't find it, so the other student must have thought, 'Oh, you must be blind, I know I put it in there.' And then he got out and started digging in the bushes and I was up in my house watching everything take place, going 'Ha-ha,' and the detective pulled out and they were not happy campers," said Krimisch.

Two boys were booked on suspicion of drug possession, 10News learned. It has not been confirmed if the boys are students at Cathedral Catholic High School, but in a cellphone photo taken at the scene, one of the boys appeared to be wearing a red school shirt.

Krimisch said it's not the first time there have been problems in the area.

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