Woman rescued after car plunges down University City ravine talks to 10News

Yin Yu Chan: 'I thought I was going to die'

SAN DIEGO - A 19-year-old woman rescued after her car plunged about 400 feet into a University City canyon early Friday morning told 10News she believed she was going to die.

Police said Yin Yu Chan was heading south in the 7800 block of Genesee Avenue near Nobel Drive when she hit a curb, lost control of her car and went down a ravine.

"I actually thought I was going to die," Chan told 10News.

Chan, a UC San Diego student, said she was on her way to pick up some breakfast when she swerved to avoid another car and drove off the road.

"I just remember the car and I were dropping very fast and then I heard 'bang, bang, bang,' like that," she said.

Chan's vehicle went down about 400 feet, and police said they had some difficulty finding her because it was dark and the area was heavy with brush.

San Diego police Lt. Eric Hays said, "As officers went on scene, they had their sirens on. She was able to tell the 911 dispatcher that she could hear sirens. When the sirens faded out, we knew we were going away from her."

"She (the dispatcher) asked me to turn on the emergency lights and I turned them on. She asked me to sound the horn and I just pushed the horn really loud," said Chan.

They were finally able to locate her through a cellphone signal, and crews used chainsaws to clear the brush from the car.

Several rescuers carried Chan in a basket up the ravine and into a waiting ambulance. She was taken to the hospital, but only suffered minor bruising and some soreness.
Emergency crews were amazed that Chan was not injured considering the her plunge down the ravine.

Chan summed up her gratitude for the emergency responders who came to her rescue with: "Thank you. I know that those two words are very simple, but that really means a lot."

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