Republican gubernatorial candidate attends Politifest: Neel Kashkari defends YouTube experiment

SAN DIEGO - Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari was in San Diego on Saturday to speak at the annual Politifest event in Liberty Station.

While Kashkari was there, 10News asked him about the controversial YouTube experiment he conducted where he spent a week living as a homeless person with just $40 in his wallet trying to get a job, attacking Gov. Jerry Brown’s claims that California is back. See the video below:

Critics are calling it a political stunt as the latest Politico poll shows Brown is still leading Kashkari 52 percent to 33 percent.

"It was a way for me to raise these issues on not just the front of California's mind," Kashkari told 10News. "We need to talk about these issues. If we don't acknowledge these people are being left behind, we're never going to be able to turn this around."

And in trying to do so, Kashkari believes he is also changing the face of the Republican Party.

"You bet I am," he said. "It's one of my goals. I want to show California and my country that the Republican Party cares about everybody, cares about minorities, cares about the poor, cares about people regardless of sexual orientation. I'm reaching out to every group imaginable."

10News asked for a reaction from Gov. Brown's office about Kashkari's YouTube video and received a reply from Dan Newman with his campaign.

His email read in part, "If this were more than a stunt, would he oppose providing unemployment benefits for people without jobs and fight the minimum wage for the working poor?"

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