Report: San Diego 8th fittest city in US

SAN DIEGO - San Diego is the eighth fittest metropolitan area in the United States, according to a new report released this week.

The American College of Sports Medicine gave San Diego an overall score of 69.2 out of 100 in its seventh annual American Fitness Index, which ranked 50 metro areas.

ACSM ranked cities based on a data composite that includes factors such as preventative health behaviors, levels of chronic disease conditions and community resources and policies. The data index was build using a combination of federal reports and past studies.

San Diego performed well in personal exercise and aerobic activity, but poorly in mental health, diabetes and coronary disease.

Washington D.C. came in first, with a score of 77.3. Minneapolis came in second at 73.5, and Portland third with 72.1. Six of the top 10 cities were on the West Coast, including San Francisco (5), San Jose (6), Seattle (7) and Sacramento (10).

In last place was Memphis, with a score of 24.8. Joining Memphis in the bottom five were Louisville, Oklahoma City, Indianapolis and Nashville.

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