Report Predicts Huge Increase In Alzheimer's

It's something that could affect just about all of us in some way, sooner or later, 10News Digital Correspondent, Evy Ramos reports.

A new report predicts a huge jump in the number of people who will get Alzheimer's disease.

Typically, an Alzheimer’s patient has an attention span of 5 or 10 minutes and its amazing when you look into the room and see them sitting for half an hour doing a structured activity.

The Glenner Alzheimer’s family center in Chula Vista works hard to give Alzheimer’s patients and their families the help they need to survive through the struggle of the disease.

“When they're at home, their loved ones are constantly having to watch them every minute. They can’t get a minute without them following them or trying to leave the house, or trying to start to cook,” said Dawn Carnerie of the Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Center.

Soon, there will be an even greater need for adult care facilities.

A study released Tuesday estimates that 10-million Baby Boomers will develop Alzheimer’s disease in the United States.

Kelly Focht said the news comes at the worst time with Medi-Cal already planning a 10-percent budget cut this year.

“A cut now, when we know that there’s going to be a boom of clients? We wonder how adult day care providers are going to be able to meet that need,” asked Focht. For now, Focht says the center will focus on quality care. She said San Diego offers some of the best.

“We have one of the best research organizations in UCSD and there's a lot of services here. We just need the families to know they're here and get it out there,” Focht added.

Despite the looming budget cuts, officials at the Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Center said the doors will remain open to the increasing number of patients expected within the next few years.

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