Report: Former UCSD dean trampled to death by elephant while on vacation in Africa

Thomas McAfee was to start new job after vacation

SAN DIEGO - New information emerged Wednesday in the death of a former dean at UC San Diego.

The details surrounding the death of Dr. Thomas McAfee have stunned his former colleagues at UCSD, coming just three days before he was to start a new job as CEO of the newly-formed Keck Medicine of USC foundation.

Reports say McAfee died after being attacked and trampled by an elephant while vacationing at a luxury safari-resort in Tanzania, Africa.

African elephants are the world's largest land animals – growing upwards of 15,000 pounds – and known to charge without warning.

The national park where McAfee stayed covers more than 1,000 square miles and is home to Africa's most iconic animals, which are roaming free and easily approached.

Mcafee had been a leader at UCSD for more than a decade and the former dean of clinical affairs.

Spokeswoman Debra Cain said in a statement, "The death has come as a huge unexpected shock."

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