Owner who fatally shot dog in Santee will not face charges

She maintains she did the right thing

SANTEE, Calif. - Two people were detained and questioned in a Santee neighborhood Saturday after a dog was fatally shot in broad daylight, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department confirmed.

The shooting occurred at about 3 p.m. on Strathmore Drive near the east side of Santee Lakes. Neighbors heard the shots in the nearby canyon and called 911.

Steve Stephenson was one of the neighbors who called police.

"I heard eight to ten consecutive shots," he said. "I heard somebody yelling about a dog bit my child and I assumed at that point they were shooting at the dog."

Deputies say the dog owners shot the dog to death near the Padre Dam because it had been acting aggressively and bitten two members of the family.

10News was able to speak to one of the dog's owner on the condition that she was not identified.

She says she did the right thing.

"If a dog is willing to even attempt to hurt a human being or another animal, it's the owner's responsibility to make sure that dog can't progressively get worse and actually seriously hurt somebody," she said.

Lt. Dan DeSousa, who is with the San Diego County Department of Animal Services, told 10News it is not against the law for a dog owner to shoot a dog if it is acting aggressively. 

Neighbors are disturbed by the brutal way she handled the situation. 

"It's kind of strange to have somebody chasing their dog and shooting at it behind your home." said Stephenson. 

The owners were not charged with anything, officials said. They were detained for questioning and given a warning. She maintains she did the right thing.  

"It's my job as a citizen to be responsible for my pets," she said. "My pet was a jeopardy to everyone."

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