Report: California ranks low in family economic security

Numbers show San Diego paychecks going to housing


New numbers obtained by 10News show California ranks low in family economic security, and the story in San Diego is also disappointing.

Cheryl Bennett spent her Thursday morning at a community center in Linda Vista for the free coffee and bread.

She and her husband are both on disability and their budget is tight.

"I'm not used to scraping by like this. It's not fun," said Bennett.

Bennett is hardly alone, as a new study from the Corporation for Enterprise Development shows Californians rank 38th among the states when it comes to economic security.

The report said nearly 50 percent of Californians have no savings on which to rely in the event of job loss or emergencies. The state also has a dismal ranking for bankruptcy rates and average credit card debt (nearly $14,000).

California also ranks among the worst when it comes to how much money residents are shelling out for mortgages and rent.

Experts say if you are spending more than 30 percent of your income on housing, you are considered at risk financially.

According to the group Equinox Center, the situation has improved slightly in San Diego County, but it’s still bleak.

"About half of all homeowners and renters in the county spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing … significantly more than the rest of the country," said Sarah Benson of Equinox Center.

Among the local factors -- a still-rebounding job market, fewer apartment rentals and an all-time high for rents.

Another ranking from the national study shows white households in California have 10 times the net worth of non-white households.   

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