Report: 911 response times too slow

SAN DIEGO - Too many neighborhoods aren't getting the attention they need from 911.

The San Diego County Grand Jury released a report Tuesday listing five areas within San Diego County where emergency response times are too slow.

City Heights, Paradise Hills, the College area, Encanto, and Skyline have a delay in response times because there is a lack of fire stations and a contract with the Rural/Metro ambulance service.

The report said the ambulance service contract requires an ambulance to respond to all 911 calls without "assessing the nature of the emergency" even though on 15% of 911 calls are real emergencies.

The report recommended the City of San Diego review the contract and amend the language to allow Rural/Metro to assess a 911 call before responding.

The Grand Jury report also suggested citizens should be trained to use automatic external defibrillators and CPR in the areas where response times lag.

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