Renovations Begin On Palomar Airport Runway

McClellan-Palomar Airport Shuts Down On Sunday So Crews Can Work

The McClellan-Palomar airport shut down completely on Sunday while crews worked to renovate the runway after recent testing revealed the existing runway could collapse.

"The last work on it was about 15 years ago, so it is due for a major renovation," said Michael Drake of the county public works.

Renovations on the 5,000 foot runway began late Sunday night. The airport will be closed for one week to renovate 5,000 feet of runway at McClellan-Palomar airport.

Officials said the project will be completed in five phases, which each phase taking one week, while the airport will reopen every other week to allow for normal operations.

A better runway would appeal to business owners like Ted Vallas, who is planning to start a new airline based at Palomar Airport.

"Palomar offers us a great opportunity to allow us to make a profit," he said.

Additionally, the county said the renovation project will not cost taxpayers any money. The Federal Aviation Administration provided $8 million to fund the project, as long as the county found a contractor to do it by the end of September.

"As long as you could act quickly, which we were prepared to do, we did act quickly," said a county official. "We saved the taxpayers a lot of money on this."

The county said the new runway will complement the 18,000 square foot terminal that opened last year.