Reminder: Daylight Saving Time is this weekend, set those clocks forward an hour

SAN DIEGO - We're all about to lose an hour of our day.

That's right, it's "Spring Forward" this weekend— time to set your clocks ahead an hour. Change your clocks at 2 a.m. Sunday.

And of course, this is a good time to test your smoke alarms as well.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), around two-thirds of those who die in house fires were in homes that either had non-working smoke alarms or none at all.

Daylight Saving Time isn't the only time you should be checking your smoke alarms. You really should be testing them at least once a month.

You should also make sure everyone in your home understands the sound of the smoke alarm and knows how to respond.

If you have a smoke alarm that's a decade or more old, it's time to replace it. And if you have a smoke alarm that has fresh batteries but doesn't respond properly when you test it, that's also a queue that you need to replace it.

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