Recapping the Chargers draft

YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO RIDE THIS ATTRACTION: Fortunately, the NFL doesn't have a cardboard cutout of Roger Goodell holding his hand 6 feet off of the ground, barring players like Jason Verrett (and Danny Woodhead) from entering. You only need to watch a few minutes of Verrett to realize that the cornerback from TCU plays much bigger than his 5'9" frame. Sure, he'll get out-jumped by a Calvin Johnson-type every once in a while. So what? All DB's get beat. Verrett is aggressive, and makes plays. He'll make you forget about his lack of height very quickly.

PRESSURE'S ON: Sorry, Jerry Attaochu, but them's the breaks. When you're general manager trades up to get you in the 2nd round, and gives up a 4th round pick, expectations are going to be higher. Just ask Eric Weddle. Attaochu just might be the kind of player who can live up to those expectations, but I'd advise Chargers fans to be patient. Wait at least two years before you decide if trading up was the right thing to do. Don't make that call during training camp this summer.

BIG BODIES: Every NFL teams needs as many as they can get. Chris Watt is a big body from Notre Dame, but his arrival doesn't automatically mean that Jeromey Clary's days are numbered. As Mike McCoy said on our radio show this morning, injuries will happen on the offensive line. When they do, we'll be glad Chris Watt is there to step in and play.

THE SWING PICK: Ultimately, Tom Telesco's success in the 2014 draft could come down to his 5th round selection. If Ryan Carrethers becomes a starting nose tackle for the Chargers in the next 2-3 seasons, it was likely a very good three days for the Bolts. If Carrethers doesn't make it, it will be hard to call this draft a huge success unless all 3 of the top picks become major contributors.

GRICE IS NICE: At least, that was the opinion of running backs coach Ollie Wilson, who Mike McCoy says was a big fan of the Arizona State back, and may have influenced this pick. I'm wondering what is the best case scenario here? Grice makes the team as a 4th back/special teams player, and then steps in next season if Ryan Mathews leaves in free agency? Seems like a low potential reward, even for a 6th round pick.

SPEEDY REESE: It's always hard to read Mike McCoy, but the coach was able to quickly rattle off Tevan Reese's key stats from Baylor. To me, that's a sign that McCoy pushed for this pick and will give him every opportunity to succeed. The speed is there, and combined with the skills of Philip Rivers, Reese has the potential to become a dangerous player in the NFL and a steal in the 7th round.

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