Recall leader Michael Pallamary chastises state Sen. Ben Hueso on masturbation claim

SAN DIEGO - Michael Pallamary, who was the chief organizer of the recall effort against Bob Filner, has penned a scathing open letter to state Sent. Ben Hueso (D-San Diego).

This week, Hueso maintained his claim that he caught Carl DeMaio masturbating in a City Hall men's room during a council meeting when both men were still in the City Council. The alleged incident occurred in 2009, according to Hueso.

In the letter Pallamary chastises Hueso calling his actions as "reprehensible and simply uncalled for."

Pallamary also questioned Hueso's intentions, "Why have you chosen to share your “observations” at this time
and in this fashion and, more importantly, with the media?"

Pallamary first spearheaded a Facebook petition and later became a lead organizer in the recall effort against Filner, who is accused of sexually harassing nearly 20 women. Amidst accusations of misuse of a city-issued credit card and alleged shakedown of developers, Filner resigned last week. His last day in office is Friday.

A special election for a new mayor will be held Nov. 19. DeMaio, who ran against Filner last November, is said to be considering another run for the mayor's office.

Pallamary's Letter Here:

An open letter to Senator Ben Hueso

August 28, 2013
To: Senator Ben Hueso
From: Michael Pallamary

As you know, I have been actively involved in the recall of your associate, Mayor Bob Filner. Chief
amongst my sundry motivations is the love of my grandchildren and other young adults who are watching
and listening to individuals like you and me. We are supposed to be role models; you have an obligation
to your constituents and I, to mine.

With regards to my constituents, we have all grown tired of turning on the television or opening a
newspaper only to hear or read about some poor woman relating their lurid experiences with your
political ally Bob Filner. Normally, my wife and I and our grandchildren discuss little league scores, the
Chargers, the Padres, and, best of all, to play word games. Instead and thanks to your ill thought and
utterly classless decision, my grandchildren are now reading about masturbation and other repulsive
topics. You must be proud of yourself.

From my perspective as a father and grandfather, your actions are reprehensible and simply uncalled for
and, in the unlikely event there is a shred of evidence regarding your allegations, complaints such as these
must go through proper channels.

Have you not learned anything from the Filner debacle? Moreover, and so that you understand, a
situation such as this requires what is known as “due process,” a procedure you are clearly unfamiliar
with. Did you read the sexual harassment manuals while employed at the city? Given your actions, I am compelled to ask, why have you chosen to share your “observations” at this time and in this fashion and, more importantly, with the media? How do you discuss masturbation with your family? Is it done at breakfast or over dinner?

At a broader level, are you able to comprehend the deleterious impacts upon the city of San Diego as a
result of your actions? Many of us are working hard to rehabilitate our national reputation while you,
instead, appear more interested in destroying it for political gain. Was that not Mr. Filner’s objectives?

Mr. Hueso, you owe the citizens of San Diego an apology. If your specious allegations have any merit,
they should have been advanced through the same procedures that Mr. Filner and his accusers were
obligated to follow.

Shame on you.

Michael J. Pallamary, Recall Bob Filner


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