Reaction to Bob Filner's guilty plea

SAN DIEGO - The following is reaction to former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's guilty plea to criminal charges on Tuesday:

State Attorney General Kamala Harris:

"This conduct was not only criminal, it was also an extreme abuse of power. This prosecution is about consequence and accountability. No one is above the law."

Attorney Gloria Allred:

"I am very glad that former Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner has been forced to face criminal charges in San Diego today. I commend the Attorney General for her action. Although I have filed a civil sex harassment  lawsuit against him on behalf of my client, Irene McCormack Jackson, we know that he has also inflicted wrongful acts on other women as well. He has abused his position of power and his position of trust and hurt many women. That is why on many occasions I urged the women of San Diego to contact the San Diego County Sheriff's  hotline if they had relevant information to report about Mayor Filner.  I am proud of the women who did contact them. It is long overdue for him to be accountable in both the civil and criminal justice system and today is an important step forward in bringing Bob Filner to justice.

His conduct as the mayor of San Diego was reprehensible  and justice demands  that he be punished for the harm he has caused to countless women who trusted and believed in him."

San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis:

"Today's guilty plea is an outstanding example of law enforcement collaborating to hold a Mayor, who abused his power, accountable. It sends a strong message that nobody is above the law, abuse of women won't be tolerated, and victims will be treated with respect when they come forward. The Sheriff's Department and Attorney General's Office prioritized this investigation and prosecution, handling it with a professionalism that delivers a just end to a sad chapter in our city's history."

San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher (as told to 10News):

"I think it gives us a moment to really appreciate the courageous women that came forward to stop his predatory behavior. I hope that it brings justice and some measure of healing to them. As a city, it closes a chapter on this very dark era and really allows us to focus on moving forward in the future."

City Council President/Interim Mayor Todd Gloria:

"Today's guilty plea is another step in that direction and confirmation that this unfortunate chapter in our city's history will soon be behind us. I am grateful for the courage of the victims who have come forward to share their stories and the dedication of the investigators and prosecutors who are working to ensure justice and closure for all involved."

Former City Councilman/Filner's mayoral opponent Carl DeMaio:

"With today's court action, Bob Filner is starting to be held accountable for his actions as he should be ... I'm pleased the reforms we implemented on the City Council are being used -- including taking away pensions from government officials convicted of felonies ... Nobody is above the law, especially elected officials who have broken the public's trust as Bob Filner has. Today we're seeing our laws work in favor of the people of San Diego, especially for the courageous women who stepped forward."

San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith:

"Today's action underscores the importance of Mr. Filner's removal from office and will further help our City and the victims put this behind us."

Immigrant rights activist/Filner supporter Enrique Morones (as told to City News Service):

"This should be handled through due process, which is what happened. It's a sad day. (Filner) admitted certain actions and has to pay the price."

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore:

"In July, law enforcement leaders in San Diego County worked collaboratively to determine the most appropriate agency to conduct an investigation should allegations of criminal sexual misconduct be made against former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. The decision was made that any criminal investigation would be handled by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

A dedicated telephone number was established for potential victims. More than 200 calls came in during a three?month period. Captain Duncan Fraser, who commands the Sheriff's Central Investigations Division, oversaw the investigation which eventually consisted of five full?time detectives. They interviewed close to 90 people and reviewed extensive documents concerning the allegations. Those interviewed are not all victims. Some are witnesses to corroborate victim statements. Every step of the investigation was closely coordinated with the California Attorney General's Office who assumed prosecutorial jurisdiction over this matter.

The ultimate decision on the charges against Filner was made by the State Attorney General after consultation with the victims and the Sheriff's Department. This was a very sensitive and high profile case and any unauthorized disclosure of information during the investigation would have not been fair to the victims or the accused. I am extremely proud of my detectives and the partnership we formed with the AG's Office that led to the successful resolution of this case.

The hotline is now closed and this investigation is concluded. Today's guilty plea ends a dark chapter in San Diego's history and allows both the city and the victims to begin the healing the process."

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